Grappling as a submission technique in BJJ

If you are aiming for a name in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ, then you should master all the necessary techniques to be able to attack your opponent, counter his attacks and make him submit to your moves. I know that those are easy to say, but difficult to happen. Do you know that any BJJ enthusiast, is capable of winning matches and become popular in the field of Jiu-Jitsu? You just need to start learning this sport at an early age and practice more.

It would be great, if you will be given proper training, so that you will be taught the right way of performing or setting your positions, defenses, attacks and submissions. After years of practice and learning, you should have mastered different Jiu-Jitsu techniques. And then, when you are ready to fight, you must have a coach, who will guide you and teach you more about the techniques that you need to enhance.

For example, you may hire a BJJ expert like Travis Stevens to be your coach. His presence is not only needed to watch your fight, but to study your moves. In such a way, he can tell your weakest and strongest points. From there, he will know what to teach you and this must be the techniques that you need to improve and develop. In my opinion, a coach would be very helpful in reaching your dreams of becoming one of the best BJJ fighters in the whole world. Since Travis Stevens is good at grappling techniques, then it is ideal to know more about this technique.

What about the grappling technique?

The grappling is a technique that can be used both to be ready for submission as well as to strike an opponent, which is really very important in Jiu-Jitsu or any fight that aims to bring the opponent to the ground. When you do the grappling, other techniques usually follow, such as leg locks, foot locks, arm locks and chokes.

But, depending on your training, your grappling technique may differ from other opponents or co-fighters. For example, you may use grappling for submission purposes, which must bring your opponent to submit. So, you will need to also use various locks and chokes. Now, during your training, expect your practice fights to have a lot of rolling or sparring times.

Advantages of mastering the grappling technique

Since a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match is a ground-fighting sport, then it would an advantage on your part, if you have mastered grappling technique because it is intended for ground-fighting. Through this, you will be able to fight your opponent, using a range of strikes and blows. I have here a link that will give you an idea about what else to do when a grappling technique was already set.

What’s really nice with grappling is that you can do various positions to take your opponent down. In my thinking, it is a good opportunity for you to control the fight. When you succeed, then your opponent may end up losing the match. This would be your stepping stone towards your success. Sooner or later, you will have to join more fights.

Disadvantages of mastering the grappling technique

I know that it takes years for you to master various BJJ techniques. But, if you have the will and determination to learn, then you will excel in this sport. But, no matter how good you are in this technique, you should not underestimate your opponent’s capability. Your opponent will also prepare for your match, so pretty sure that he also knows about the grappling technique and how he will escape from this.

Your opponent may do this technique to you, too. And then, what’s really bad is to fall down on the floor with this technique. It is not easy because you know how much it hurts, right? What if you got hurt or lost your strength because of this, then how can you still keep on fighting? Another situation that may happen is that when you fell and landed wrongly. Your body is not only at risk, but your head, too. If you are interested in learning more about how risky a grappling technique is, then you may go to