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The Wedding Sand Ceremony. The wedding sand ceremony is intended to unite two families in the wedding. The ceremony is usually simple, and someone can say that it is meaningless but very powerful. The ceremony involves pouring sand by the participating family members in a common vessel as a show of unity. The mixture of colors formed is meant to symbolize the harmony of the two families. The wedding sand is more or less similar to the unity candle ceremony. Most people prefer having the wedding sand instead of the unity candle since the sand container will be available forever while the unity candle usually go off after sometime. Strict rules do not govern wedding sand as in the case of wedding ceremony. The ceremony is not mandatory and can be omitted. Most people who have the wedding sand ceremony usually do it at a stage during their wedding ceremony since the two families are available. The most appropriate time during the wedding ceremony is after exchange of wedding rings and vows. At this point, the wedding sand ceremony will act as a complement to the rings and the vows. The families will also get an opportunity to join since they are also allowed to take part in pouring of the sand. The wedding sand requires that everyone who is going to take part in the pouring of sand to have unique sand color. The amount of sand that the participants should have varies depending on the vessel size. Bridal stores usually stock the materials required for the ceremony such as the vessel and the different colors. The vessel should be of a good size to accommodate the sand samples and thereafter carried home. You can find the vessels from the bridal stores after informing them of the number of participants.
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The presiding official is always expected to say an opening speech that explains the significance of the ceremony before handing the participants with the glass of colored sand. The groom should be the first to pour the sand. The second in the sand pouring protocol is the bride. The third in the protocol are always the family members you were set to participate. The last layers is sealed by a mixture of color sand that will be poured by all the participants at the same time. The mix of colors that will be formed is a representation of the unity of the two families.
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To improve the beauty of your wedding sand, you can customize the vessel with the family names. You should also ensure that the colors used by the participants are distinct son as to bring the desired color mix. The couples can also recite their vows before pouring the sand. In case the wedding ceremony is religious, the presiding officer can also be given an opportunity to start by pouring white sand to symbolize the presence of God in the union.