Three Ways to Get Longer Eyelashes

Women spend millions of dollars on cosmetics each year and a good portion of that goes toward creating lush eyelashes. Full eyelashes are currently fashionable, but are not natural for many women. Many wear false eyelashes nearly every day, while others have extensions professionally added. However, growth serums are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to get longer eyelashes.

False Eyelashes Are Still in Vogue

Women who want a quick solution choose false eyelashes. Inexpensive products are fine for occasional use but do not look as natural as the pricier versions. Most are easy to apply and take off. The downside is that false eyelashes have to be removed before going to bed and then reapplied. Some women also have allergic reactions to the adhesive that keeps lashes on.

Eyelash Extensions Offer Another Solution

Those searching for longer term answers often have extensions professionally added to their lashes. They look very natural and salons offer them in a wide range of colors, curls, lengths and thicknesses. Extensions last several weeks and fall out, just the way natural lashes do. Application takes about 3 hours and requires keeping the eyes still for that long. Extensions require daily maintenance and wearers have to learn how to take eye makeup off of them correctly.

Serums Can Grow New Eyelashes

It is also becoming common for women to use serums to grow out their own eyelashes. Some products are available in prescription-only form, while others are sold over the counter. Unfortunately, prescription serums can cause irritation, itching, darkening of eyelids, red eyes and pigmentation of irises. With these issues in mind, a lot of shoppers opt for natural serums that they can buy online. They are effective for many customers, but results vary according to users’ natural growth patterns, health and tolerance for ingredients. Serums are used once daily.

Women who want longer, fuller eyelashes generally have 3 options. They can choose temporary false eyelashes, have extensions added to their lashes, or use lash growth serums. While each method has its pro’s and con’s, many users find that gentle, non-prescription serums offer the most convenience as well as long-term results.